Sudlersville Skeet Club


At Sudlersville Skeet Club we know your free time and leisure activities are important. We offer a diverse range of shooting opportunities for our members and guests to meet the needs of the area sportsman.

Our club offers 5 total fields 3 of which are lighted to shoot on, they include:

 5 NSSA Certified Skeet fields, 3 are lighted for evening events and practice       1 Skeet Field that can be set for ISSF International Skeet                               1 Five Stand overlaid on skeet field 1 with 9 total traps                                   2 ATA Trap Fields overlaid on skeet fields 3 and 5                                           1 Wobble Trap on field 3                                                                          

We offer annual membership opportunities that include cost savings and the ability to use the facilities on your schedule. Sudlersville Skeet Club is open to the Public by appointment by contacting a member to schedule a time to visit. Any time experienced members are on site non members are welcome to enjoy our facility and will get you started. Whether you are looking to meet new friends, learn a new sport, expand on your shooting practice or just get away from it all Sudlersville Skeet Club can help.

Shed the stress and worry of everyday life and enjoy a fantastic time. Contact Sudlersville Skeet Club today.

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